not as beautiful as the sea

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-boys that are against feminism
-boys that call girls sluts and whores
-boys that think a vagina gets loose after having a lot of sex
-white boys that use the n word

-boys that fall asleep after sex without making sure their partner is satisfied
-boys that insult others to compliment you
-boys that insult anyone
-boys that are rude to their parents


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What Really Happened in the Congo: Belgium’s ‘Heart of Darkness’

Leopold famously said when he was forced to hand over the Congo Free State to the Belgian nation: “I will give them my Congo but they have no right to know what I have done there,” and proceeded to burn archives.

Did y’all know about this?

It’s good to know even though it’s extremely horrible to read/see….And people wonder why the African continent is so behind….

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And out of that hopeless attempt has come nearly all that we call human history—money, poverty, ambition, war, prostitution, classes, empires, slavery—the long terrible story of man trying to find something other than God which will make him happy.
C.S. LewisMere Christianity (via feellng)

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There is something about the rain. The way it’s magical sound can lull me into a peaceful slumber.